No More Semantic Web Post !!!

in past I was so attracted to learn About Semantic Web  and wrote many some post about it but now no more posts!!!!. well, to be honest i still attracted 🙂 but in other way ,mmmmm  let me explain more  : in last few months  i read about Information Retrieval and its Models Like Vector Model, Extended Boolean,…….. and The Most Attractive one : Was The LOGICAL MODEL ,this model is still under researches  and it’s Really  the future of IR  it talks about semantics appraoches  and stronge data representation on witch we can apply resoning  and  many other important research areas and “Semantic Web” is  one of those reseached areas .

we (me and my  friends ) made a seminar  about Logical Model of IR  and  we  will  publish it on the web may be in Knol (Google ‘s Enclopedia), we will let you know as it happens.

~ updates : 9/10/2010

we are publishing it on ma3refa  Encyclopedia at this link

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