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Posted August 31, 2008 by samar2008
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When they say “you can’t do it”

Posted August 29, 2008 by samar2008
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You are planning for new change in you life,

you are to join  Too huge project ,

you dreams are about come true,

but suddenly they appear in your life ,trying to rock you and some how  tell you: “you can not do it “

so when they say you can’t do it I will never say you can do it or work hard to prove to them that you can do it , but I simply say ignore them completely and work hard NOT to make them know that  you can do it BUT to  achieve  your  dreams, regarding what their  reactions will be  while they are seeing you doing it.

just do it because YOU want  to do it.

New Chanllenge to Search Gaints

Posted June 9, 2008 by samar2008
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Google and Yahoo are now  Absolutely   Watching   a  big  event  in Web search field

This event is  the birth of a  new company  “Powerset ” that  will change the  way people act with search  operation  it is aiming  to  make the search  available   via  phrases  or  questions  throw applying NLP ” Natural  Language Processing “.

As I read from here

   this company is now  working  on Wikipedia ‘s Articles    and  till now it  has only indexed a quarter of Wikipedia’s 10 million articles. For sure IT will not stop here it’s just the beginning witch is in my opinion A STRONG beginning  .

I DO Believe that  Google And Yahoo Will not Keep Watching With out Making There Moves

I am really Looking forward for the reaction Of the Search giant  Google  and Yahoo.

So Let us wait for A while .

Today is The Day

Posted March 14, 2008 by samar2008
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Today is the day of yahoo, I ‘ve always thought about this day The day that one of the search engine giants (google & yahoo) will start to think about applying “Semantic Web” to it’s search engine…and it’s now happening yahoo .
at 14/March/2008 announced its adoption of some of the key standards of the “semantic web” and this could mean a challenge for Google .
actually I was disappointed because I Thought that Google will start that challenge but that doesn’t matter what’s only matter now for me that the semantic web will be applied to search engine.
the search operation will be more powerful by use of semantic web because the engine will try to capture the meaning…that’s key witch makes me so attracted to Learn more about semantic web,So today is beginning .

In One Way Or another

Posted February 5, 2008 by samar2008
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here are some words come out from my mind just wanna share with you..

In One Way Or another
If I had the chance to own my past
I’d undo my faults which cause you pain

But here we are … with your pain …..and with my faults
Your life is terrible and my life is worse
Can’t we make it better?!
Let us fix it together
I still have the chance to apologize
And you still have the choice to forgive me !

So I am sorry
in one way or another

Hello There

Posted January 12, 2008 by samar2008
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ok… here we go…

the reason why of creating this blog is :sharing some of my philosophy points of life with friends and let them have more knowledge about some parts of my life

so feel free to browse my blog 😉

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